Here are some safety advisories to consider before booking your trip with any travel company in Nepal:

It’s imperative to ensure that the travel company you choose is legally registered and holds the necessary licenses from governing bodies such as the Nepal Tourism Board, Trekkers Association in Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association, and Nepal Rastra Bank, among others. Failure to do so may result in difficulties obtaining permits and other essential services during your trip. Therefore, before finalizing your booking, here are some key points to verify:

  1. Is the company legally registered?
  2. Has it obtained a valid license from the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal?
  3. Has it secured permission from the Mountaineering Association of Nepal?
  4. Has the company fulfilled its financial obligations to the government, including obtaining a tax clearance certificate?
  5. Does it possess the necessary license from the central bank to engage in transactions with foreign entities?
  6. Does the company demonstrate social responsibility?
  7. Is the company committed to environmental sustainability?

For your assurance, we invite you to review our registration documents, licenses, and permissions on our website. We are dedicated to upholding our responsibilities with integrity and transparency towards both the government and our clients.