Terms and Conditions

  • It is a fundamental condition that you acknowledge that this is an adventure trip. This requires some flexibility. The day to day itinerary is taken as a guideline only. We cannot be hold responsible for any delays caused by International or domestic flights, strikes, Government regulations, weather or natural casualties etc. In such cases, Ambassador Himalaya shall be responsible for providing suitable alternatives which could be decided upon mutual agreement. If an agreement cannot be made, Ambassador Himalaya shall be only responsible for refund after deducting expenses already incurred.
  • Ambassador Himalaya will not be hold responsible for the injury or death of the participant due to unforeseen events or circumstances. We assure the trips will be safe and operated by the experts, however, injury or death caused during the trip, Ambassador Himalaya won’t be liable for it.
  • Your booking will be confirmed by email once we have received the deposit and the signed copy of booking form/form submitted via website and contract. While booking, you must pay 20% of the trip cost, non-refundable, as an advance deposit. The deposit can be made by bank transfer or by Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard). The due must be paid before the trip departure or after you first arrive in Kathmandu.
  • If due payment is made by the Credit card, a 4% surcharge will be levied as per the service provider’s (Himalayan Bank, Kathmandu) policy. The surcharge is levied to provide consumer protection for services purchased, in accordance with the terms and conditions pertaining to the credit card being used.
  • If you wish to pay in cash, you can exchange yours into local currency at Kathmandu.
  • Cancellation Fee: If you wish to cancel your trip 30 days or before the trip departure, the non-refundable deposit will be kept as the cancellation fee.
  • You must carry proof of insurance (e.g. your insurance certificate) during the entire trip. This should include adequate cover for baggage, medical expenses, cancellation, helicopter evacuation and emergency repatriation. If you fail to provide the proof at the start of the trip, you will be required to take out a suitable policy at the time. If not, you must carry a credit card with USD 5,000 limit to cover for any personal insurance coverage! The dealings with the insurance agency will entirely be on you (claimant).
  • We personally do not advice to purchase Insurance after arriving in Nepal. You must carry a valid passport and have obtained the appropriate visas while traveling. Ambassador Himalaya do not accept responsibility for your lacking to provide necessary document at the airport.
  • You must be in good health and physical condition. It is a prerequisite that you inform about your medical condition or prior illness in advance. It is also important that you consult your doctor for vaccination and other medical requirements for your trip before your departure from the home country.
  • Ambassador Himalaya reserves the right to require a medical certificate prior to booking your trip or departure.
  • If you do not show up at the meeting point specified on the agreed date, we will assume you have been delayed and will wait for you to contact us with your new expected arrival date. If you do not contact us within 48 hours we will assume you have cancelled the tour. There is no refund of any money paid.
  • The trip will not be cancelled unless we are forced to do so due to unusual or unforeseeable circumstances (force majeure), such as; natural disaster, political unrest or war.
  • In case, the trip is halted or omitted due to your early return upon your own wish or causes, Ambassador Himalaya shall not be liable to any refund of the days not utilized. You have to pay for the hotel or any extra costs incurred after leaving the itinerary.
  • The information provided in the website, brochure or promotional documents are only for informational purpose. Changes made during the trip in contrary to the information provided because of exceptional weather, flight cancellations, sickness or other unforeseeable circumstances, no refunds are offered for any unused services.
  • You agree to abide by the authority of the trip leader during the trip. Signing up with Ambassador Himalaya implies your acceptance for the same. You must consult and seek for the leader’s advice during the trip before doing anything not prescribed in the itinerary. If you attract any harm or loss from your personal choices, neither Ambassador Himalaya nor the trip leader will be accountable for it.
  • If you have a complaint that cannot be dealt with immediately with the trip leader or if you are not satisfied with the response, please notify us in writing within 10 days of the trip completion. We shall try to agree on a settlement; this process shall be governed by the laws of Nepal.
  • When making your booking it is implied and accepted that you have read and understood all these booking.