Our Team

Meet the dynamic team behind Ambassador Himalayan Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. (AHTE). Led by a visionary young entrepreneur, our team brings together a wealth of expertise in the tourism and hospitality industry. With a solid background in tourism education and over a decade of hands-on experience, our leader sets the tone for excellence and innovation in every expedition we undertake. Committed to delivering unparalleled adventures and unforgettable experiences in the Himalayas, our team is dedicated to ensuring your journey with us is nothing short of extraordinary. Join us and embark on a Himalayan adventure of a lifetime with AHTE!

Balmiki Adhikari 

Founder /Chairman 


Balmiki Adhikari, Founder/ Chairman of Ambassador Himalaya Treks and Expedition is a results-driven leader with a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Tourism Studies from Purbanchal University, Kathmandu. With extensive experience and expertise of more than a decade in the tourism industry, Balmiki has successfully led the company since September 2023, achieving remarkable milestones.

Balmiki’s professional journey includes significant roles such as Tour Manager at Clear Sky Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. Certified as a Tour Guide and Trekking Guide by the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management, Balmiki’s leadership extends beyond business to community service, evident through involvement in organizations like PATA Nepal Chapter and Ganesh Himal Tourism Development Committee.

As Chairman of Ambassador Himalaya, Balmiki is committed to excellence, innovation, and ethical conduct in the tourism sector. Fluent in Nepali, Hindi, and English, Balmiki’s articulate communication skills and exceptional decision-making abilities contribute to effective leadership in navigating the dynamic tourism landscape.

Sujan Dhakal 


Sujan Dhakal, the Founder and CEO of Ambassador Himalayan Treks and Expedition, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from his diverse background in the travel and tourism industry. His academic journey, culminating in both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Tourism Studies from Purbanchal University, has equipped him with a solid academic foundation with over a decade of hands-on experience in the tourism industry for his entrepreneurial pursuits.

His professional trajectory spans various roles, including serving as a Freelance Professional Tour and Trekking Guide and holding managerial positions at prominent companies such as Alfresco Adventure Travel and Caravan Outdoors Trek and Expedition P. Ltd. Additionally, his internships at Adventure Third Pool Trek and Expedition P. Ltd, Chhahari Travel & Tours P. Ltd, and Putrajaya Marriott Hotel Malaysia have further honed his skills and expertise in the field. Such diverse experiences undoubtedly contribute to his leadership at Ambassador Himalayan Treks and Expedition.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Sujan is deeply committed to nature, adventure, and community service. His involvement in Kathmandu walking tours for charity-based social work and his role as President at Lions Club of Kathmandu Digital highlights his dedication to making a positive impact beyond business.

Sujan’s multifaceted interests, including reading, photography, and engaging in various adventurous activities, not only enrich his personal growth but also offer valuable insights into the travel industry. Overall, Sujan Dhakal emerges as a dedicated professional who combines his passion for travel, adventure, and social welfare to drive success in both his career and community endeavors

Upadesh Kunwar 

Funder / Executive Director

Upadesh Kunwar, a Tourism Entrepreneur, Founded / Executive Director” Ambassador Himalaya Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd.,” a premier travel company based in Nepal. Committed to fostering the sustainable growth of the Nepalese Tourism Industry, the agency is dedicated to preserving the pristine Himalayan environment and upholding the region’s rich cultural heritage for the enjoyment of future generations.

Currently pursuing MPhil/PhD studies at Tribhuwan University, Upadesh combines his academic pursuits with a passion for sharing extensive knowledge and insights on travel and tourism. He is teaching his expertise to aspiring individuals pursuing master’s and bachelor’s degrees at various colleges in Kathmandu.

With over a decade of hands-on experience in the tourism industry, he had completed a Bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism Studies (BTTS) and a Master’s degree in Tourism Studies (MTS) from Purbanchal University. His dedication to the field is underscored by his recognition as a government-certified Tourist Guide, along with trekking guide licenses.

Upadesh’s professionalism is exemplified through his unwavering accountability and commitment to ethical practices. A confluence of academic prowess and practical expertise, he is a driving force in Nepal’s dynamic tourism sector. Possessing an in-depth knowledge of Nepal’s tourist destinations, traditions, and culture, he has a passion for exploration, research, history, culture, and archaeology enriches travelers’ experiences. He consistently goes the extra mile to create exceptional value for those seeking memorable and culturally enriching journeys. Explore with Upadesh for an unparalleled travel experience that transcends boundaries and creates lasting memories. 🌍✨

Kedar Giri

Tour Manager


Kedar Giri is a veteran young and Energetic individual with a deep passion for bringing a vibrant energy to the world of travel and tourism. A Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Travel and Tourism prove his intellect for venturing into entrepreneurial pursuits in the dynamic world of travel.

In 2015, He started a journey in the sector of Tourism as both an intern and a former correspondent officer and trekking Guide at Adventure Third Pole Treks. After that, he has been dedicated to enriching the travel experiences of enthusiasts as a Tour/Trekking Manager. His experiences have taken him to various Trekking and Travel companies, where he has honed his skills and gained valuable insights into creating seamless and memorable adventures. This role allowed him to combine my passion for adventure with the skills required to organize seamless and unforgettable trips. This diverse background would make him a valuable contribution to his startup in Ambassador Himalaya Treks and Expedition.

As a government-certified Trekking and Tour Guide, His practical experience extends beyond guiding to include an internship at the prestigious Hotel Marriott Putrajaya in Malaysia. This exposure allowed him to understand the nuances of hospitality, adding an extra layer of expertise to his role.

He applies his experience in the Tourism Industry and worldwide travel to his position as a Tour Manager. He believes that the past can light the way for a better future. He brings with him a valuable perspective, providing unparalleled services and understanding exactly what you need as an Ambassador Himalaya Client.

Susmita Adhikari

Finance Manager

Susmita Adhikari currently holds the responsibility of finance manager currently overseeing the financial operations of Ambassador Himalayan Treks and Expedition. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Management, Susmita brings a wealth of expertise to her role, gained through years of hands-on experience in various organizations. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic approach, she has consistently delivered results, demonstrating her proficiency in managing finances efficiently and effectively.

Throughout her career, Susmita has held pivotal roles in finance departments, honing her skills in budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis. Her dedication and commitment to financial integrity have earned her a reputation for being a trusted and reliable professional. With her extensive experience and strong background in finance, Susmita is instrumental in driving the financial success of Ambassador Himalayan Treks and Expedition, ensuring the company’s financial health and sustainability.

Radhika Adhikari

Japanese Travel Planner


Radhika Adhikari is a seasoned Japanese Travel Planner affiliated with Ambassador Himalayan Treks and Expedition. Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Management, Radhika brings a wealth of experience to her role. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for travel, she has held pivotal positions in various organizations, where she honed her skills in travel planning and language instruction. Radhika’s dedication to crafting unforgettable journeys for her clients, coupled with her fluency in Japanese, enables her to provide personalized and culturally enriching experiences. Her commitment to excellence ensures that each itinerary she designs reflects a deep understanding of her client’s preferences and desires, making her a trusted advisor in the realm of Japanese travel planning.