Experience Golden Triangle Tour Kathmandu – Pokhara – Chitwan 7 Night 8 Days

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The Golden Triangle of Nepal: Kathmandu – Pokhara – Chitwan

An enchanting blend of culture, adventure, and natural wonders with our meticulously crafted 7-night, 8-day journey through the heart of Nepal’s Golden Triangle. This unforgettable luxury journey takes you on a transformative voyage through three of Nepal’s most iconic destinations: Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan.


Experience the essence of Nepal as you traverse through Kathmandu, the vibrant capital city, where ancient temples and bustling streets coexist harmoniously. Explore the rich cultural heritage of the Kathmandu Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and witness centuries-old architecture, intricate woodcarvings, and religious rituals that have stood the test of time.

Next, venture to Pokhara, nestled in the embrace of the majestic Himalayas, where serene lakes, lush forests, and panoramic mountain views await. Lose yourself in the tranquility of Phewa Lake, thrilling paragliding adventure, or trek to the renowned Annapurna Base Camp for an unforgettable mountain experience.

Conclude your journey in Chitwan, renowned for its breathtaking wildlife and pristine natural beauty. Embark on an exhilarating jungle safari in Chitwan National Park, home to a diverse array of wildlife including the elusive Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, and exotic bird species. Immerse yourself in the local Tharu culture with traditional dance performances and authentic culinary experiences.

Throughout your adventure, rest assured that our expert guides and accommodations will ensure your comfort and safety every step of the way. Join us for an unforgettable exploration of Nepal’s Golden Triangle, where every moment is filled with wonder and discovery.

Why Choose Our Golden Triangle Experience?

  1. Expertly Curated Itinerary: Our itinerary has been meticulously designed to showcase the best of Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan, ensuring you experience the essence of each destination without missing any highlights.
  2. Local Insight and Guidance: Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our local guides who will provide fascinating insights into the culture, history, and natural wonders of Nepal at every step of your journey.
  3. Comfortable Accommodations: Rest and rejuvenate in carefully selected accommodations that offer comfort, convenience, and authentic Nepalese hospitality, allowing you to unwind after a day of exploration.
  4. Seamless Logistics: Leave the logistics to us as we take care of transportation, permits, and any other arrangements, allowing you to focus solely on immersing yourself in the beauty and adventure of Nepal.
  5. Safety First: Your safety is our top priority. Travel with peace of mind knowing that we adhere to the highest safety standards and provide support and assistance whenever needed.
  6. Customization Options: Tailor your Golden Triangle experience to suit your preferences with optional activities, extensions, and personalized touches to make your journey truly unique.

Unlock the Majesty of Nepal’s Golden Triangle: Kathmandu – Pokhara – Chitwan lets plan on an Unforgettable Journey through Nepal’s Most Iconic Destinations 7 Nights, and 8 Days of Adventure, Culture, and Natural Beauty Await! Book Your Golden Triangle Experience Now!


Welcome to the vibrant and culturally rich land of Nepal!

Upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, our representative will warmly greet you with traditional garlands or Khada. Enjoy a comfortable transfer to your hotel, where a refreshing welcome drink awaits. After check-in, you'll be briefed on the exciting activities planned for your journey.
Overnight stay at the hotel.

After a hearty breakfast, immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of Kathmandu. Visit the sacred Pashupatinath, the serene Boudhnath, and the historic city of Patan, Swyambhu, and Kathmandu Durbar squire. The evening is free for leisure.

Pashupatinath, a significant Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva, draws elderly followers seeking a sacred end to their lives. The temple's unique atmosphere revolves around death rituals, with astrologers predicting the exact day of one's demise. The main temple, a Hindu architectural masterpiece, allows only Hindu followers inside, while other structures are open to foreigners. The complex features religious buildings, lingams, and cremation platforms along the Bagmati River, offering tourists a glimpse into culturally unusual practices, such as open-air cremations and the distinct smell of cremated bodies. Local women wash clothes downstream, and the site is inhabited by monkeys, deers, and wandering sadhus, ascetic yogis seeking liberation through meditation.

Tranquility at Swayambhunath, known as the "Monkey Temple" in Kathmandu Valley. Positioned on a hillock, this ancient Buddhist stupa, dating back to 460 A.D., offers a panoramic view. Steep stone steps challenge visitors, but a motor road provides access. The site blends Hindu and Buddhist elements, showcasing religious harmony. Notable features include a gold-plated Vajra, Buddha statue, a Sleeping Buddha, Dewa Dharma Monastery, and a temple dedicated to Harati, the goddess of children. Visit for a spiritual experience and witness the valley's historical origins.

Explore Kathmandu Durbar Square, also called Basantapur Durbar, a historic site in the city center known for its ancient architecture, wood carvings, and rich history. With over 50 temples, the square is a "Museum of Temples." Highlights include Taleju Temple, Kumari Temple with a living goddess, Jagannath Temple's erotic carvings, Nasal Chowk, Narsingha Statue, Swet Bhairav, Shisha Baithak, and Tribhuwan Museum showcasing kings' personal belongings. Don't miss the Kal Bhairav, a colossal 17th-century stone statue of Lord Shiva. Handicraft shops offer unique souvenirs in the courtyards.

Ancient allure of the Great Boudhanath Stupa, a 5th-century marvel in Nepal, is revered globally by Buddhists. Steeped in legends, it is believed that prostrations here yield good karma and wish fulfillment. The Stupa's construction, led by Jadzima's sons during a drought, is a testament to unwavering devotion. Discover the associated miracles, rebirths, and the revered Ajima Temple, a symbol of protection. The adjacent Guru Padmasambhava Temple, with its rich iconography, adds to the spiritual tapestry of this sacred site.
Rich cultural heritage of Patan, Nepal, is renowned as the city of artisans. Home to exquisite craftsmanship, ancient Hindu and Buddhist monuments, and UNESCO-listed Patan Durbar Square. Marvel at the opulent Krishna Temple, Mahabouddha's terra cotta art, and historic monasteries like Rudra Varna Mahavihar. Visit the unique Kumbheshwar pagoda and Ashoka Stupas, and indulge in the diverse handicrafts at Patan Industrial Estate and Tibetan Camp
Overnight at the hotel.

Fuel up with breakfast at the hotel before heading to Pokhara. Choose between a scenic flight or a comfortable road journey. Upon arrival, check in hotel and explore the evening on the bank of Fewa Lake, enjoy nightlife at the lakeside
Overnight stay at the hotel.

Post breakfast; move forward on a comprehensive sightseeing tour of Pokhara, uncovering its natural and cultural wonders. Explore Davis Fall, visit a Tibetan Village, marvel at the Seti River Gorge, venture into Mahendra Cave, and enjoy the tranquility of Phewa Lake.

Discover the awe-inspiring Davi's Fall, locally known as Patale Chhango, near Pokhara Airport in Nepal. Originating from Phewa Lake, this powerful waterfall, named after a Swiss lady swept away in 1961, carves intricate caves and tunnels in the rocks. Explore the mystical Gupteshwar Mahadev cave on the opposite side, dedicated to Shiva, a must-visit for both locals and tourists.

Explore Pokhara's allure with the fascinating Seti River, meandering through the Mahabharat range, disappearing into caves and tunnels. At points just 2m wide, yet reaching 20m depth, the river's ferocity is visible from Mahendra Pul, K.I. Singh Pul, and Prithvi Chowk Pul, showcasing its millennia-carved gorge in all its splendor.

Explore Pokhara's charm with listed as a Ramsar Site in 2021. Lakeside, on Phewa's eastern shore, is a bustling resort hub with hotels, bars, and shops. Phewa Lake offers relaxation and water activities, while Begnas and Rupa provide tranquil escapes. Boating enthusiasts can visit Taal Barahi Temple on Phewa Lake's island.

Explore the captivating Mahendra Gupha limestone caves, nestled 8 km north of Pokhara. Discovered in the 1950s, these caves boast stunning stalactite and stalagmite formations dating back to the Pleistocene epoch. Also known as the House of Bats, the caves were thoroughly studied by UK spelunkers in 1976, with their findings archived in UK copyright libraries and the Royal Geographical Society.
Overnight stay at the hotel.

Early morning breakfast precedes a scenic 5-hour drive to Chitwan. Immerse yourself in the local culture with a visit to Tharu village, enjoy the view of sundown from the bank of Rapti river, and savor an evening of Tharu cultural dance.

Explore the rich cultural tapestry of Tharu, Nepal's largest ethnic group in the Terai region, blending indigenous traditions with influences from Indo-Aryan languages. Delve into their unique patrilocal marriage customs, joint family structures, and the significance of their spiritual practices, including the worship of forest spirits and ancestral deities. Discover the distinctive Tharu huts adorned with floral motifs, and witness their expertise in agriculture and irrigation techniques, contributing to a fascinating blend of heritage and daily life in the heart of Nepal.
Overnight at the hotel.

Start the day with an exhilarating wildlife adventure. Opt for an Elephant ride or Jeep Safari, explore the wilderness on a Nature walk, and savor lunch at the Lodge. Conclude the day with a serene Dugout canoe ride.

Explore the captivating wilderness of Chitwan National Park in southern Nepal for an unparalleled wildlife adventure. Encounter majestic Royal Bengal tigers, free-roaming one-horned rhinoceros, and herds of Asiatic elephants. Opt for thrilling jeep safaris, silent canoe rides, and guided jungle walks. Discover crocodiles along marshes, visit breeding centers, and experience local Tharu village life. Immerse in Nepal's first national park, covering 932 sq. km, boasting diverse flora and fauna, and conserving endangered species like the rhinoceros and Bengal tiger
Explore Chitwan, Nepal's premier wildlife destination near Kathmandu. Chitwan National Park boasts over 50 mammal species, 525 bird varieties, and rare fauna like one-horned rhinos and Bengal tigers. Embark on a 2-night jungle safari, featuring wildlife tours, canoe rides, rural exploration, and encounters with indigenous Tharu people. Don't miss the Elephant Breeding Center and Gharial Crocodile Farm for conservation success stories.
Overnight at the hotel.

Enjoy breakfast at the resort and engage in remaining wildlife activities. Later, return to Kathmandu via your preferred mode of transport (land/air).
Overnight at the hotel.

Bid farewell to the enchanting landscapes of Nepal. After breakfast, transfer to Tribhuvan International Airport for your onward journey. Cherish the memories of an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the Himalayas.


The Cost Includes

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  • Transportation to and from!!
  • Food all along the trip(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and a cup of coffee or tea) and accommodations during the trip in hotels with family environment
  • Transportation, food, accommodation and insurance of Guide during the trip
  • Down jacket, all-season sleeping bag, duffel bag and trekking map(in case if you don’t have your own. Down jacket, sleeping bag and duffel bag must be returned after completion of the trip)
  • First Aid Medical Kit(Your guide will carry the Medical Kit but we also advise to bring yourself for your own use, as far as possible)
  • All the required permits and paperwork

The Cost Excludes

  • International Airfare
  • Visa Charges
  • Hotel Expenses(In Kathmandu, some packages do include hotel expenses)
  • Your travel and medical insurance
  • Personal Expenses such as shopping, bar bills, hot shower, telephone, laundry, titbits etc
  • Food and accommodations in Kathmandu
  • Services not mentioned or not promised by the agent/agency
  • Emergency expenses such as expenses on chartered helicopter.


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